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Thin Client Solutions

Our thin client and terminal server solutions provide for secure deployment of client IT systems by utilizing low-cost, small computers connected to a central server terminal. The value of this methodology is an overall reduced cost of desktop computer deployment.

In thin client solutions the user's computer has few or no programs installed on the individual work station. Instead, the computer allows the user to connect to a centralized server which hosts the user's software and data. No data is stored on the thin client and it can connect securely from anywhere. This allows you the freedom and flexibility to move your workers where you want, when you want, or have them work from remote locations, without risk of losing data.

By pairing a thin client infrastructure with your disaster recovery plan you can also greatly speed up recovery time after a disaster.

For a demonstration of thin client systems and to learn how they can help with your specific business needs, please contact us at 805-275-2386 or

  • Reduced desktop deployment time
  • Reduced support costs
  • Reduced workstation time
  • Easily deployed secure remote workstations

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