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Outsourced Chief Technology Office

Just because you don't have a chief technology officer doesn't mean you don't need one. With our outsourced CTO solutions you can have all the benefits of an in-house CTO without the cost.

Our outsourced CTO solutions help you leverage technology to keep you competitive in your marketplace. This function goes beyond mere tech support to actually help your company anticipate its technology needs for both the present and the future, to make your company the most efficient it can be.

Your planning, budgeting and high level needs are taken care of by one of our executive level technologists. We use time tested methods and systems to keep you organized, on-budget and up to date. And we do it all while communicating with your existing in-house technology staff and executives in language they understand.

Now you can have someone on your staff who aligns your company's short term and long term goals with a detailed technology plan. We budget your technology needs for the next one, three, and five years so that items like licensing, workstations and servers don't catch you off guard when they need to be upgraded, replaced or expanded.

To learn how Latitude 34 Technologies can help you get all the CTO level benefits your company needs at a price you can afford, please contact us at 805-275-2386 or

  • Informative support for company presidents, CEOs and CFOs
  • Long term strategic planning
  • Short term tactical planning
  • Interface between in-house staff and executives

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